AmbarAbbracci – Branding Identity

These examples encapsulate the work done for AmbarAbbracci, a private pre-k school in Arzignano, Italy. This project consisted of the creation of a brand identity for the school, starting from the ground up and involving all aspects of visual and verbal communication, such as logos, branding guidelines, business cards, letter templates, as well as informational flyers.

As per the client’s request, the brand’s goal was to convey the school’s values, such as the importance of experimentation in young ages, the positive influence of experiencing the outdoors for young children and the cruciality of fostering independence. Additionally, the brand needed to be appealing to the targeted audience: parents of young children. This explains the choice of including pictures and descriptions of outdoors activities and education philosophies, as well as the use of a toned-down calming color palette.

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