Anywhere there is creativity, that’s where you’ll find me

My name is Anika Anna Angriman and I’m a graphic designer, communication specialist and mixed media artist. 

As a freelance professional with an art background, I can help clients reach their communication and marketing goals through authentic and engaging design and writing pieces. Fluent in three languages, I can cater to many different audiences and be mindful of inclusivity and accessibility.

In my past life, I competed as a professional ski racer, traveling all over Europe. This experience allowed me to become the motivated, self-driven and competitive freelance professional that I am today.

Please, feel free to explore all sections of this website and see concrete examples of the values I pride myself on. “The Visual” encapsulates graphic design projects; “the Written” showcases PR and marketing writings; in “the Project” are examples of design and communication pieces developed for an Italian private pre-k school; “Mixed-Media” presents projects that combine my creative writing, design, photography, ceramics, painting, and drawing skills.